quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

SLS (SaLdoS, SaLeS)

Good evening!
I have just arrived home and decided to post something else :) here are some of the things I've bought this sales, followed by what I am hoping to by next time I hit the stores! Hope you like it!

Boa noite!
Cheguei agora a casa e decidi postar algo :) aqui vao algumas pecas que comprei nos saldos seguidas do que eu espero comprar da proxima vez que for as compras! Espero que gostem!!

ps. as fotos sao de muita ma qualidade mas deixei a maquina em casa da minha tia... the photos are really shitty but i left my camera at my aunts..

I would normally use the jumpsuit with flip flops but thats me (if ud see my toes ud understand) however I suggest you could pair it with high heels ( I adoreee high hills.. however Im 1.80m and once again.. u havent seen my toes..) so high heels are good Id wear pink ones just because I love pink!!! It is girly, adorable, it makes me bubbly.. and it stands out for a lot! Also a scarf could look good! I also pair it with leopard printed flops and just add leopardish jewls and such.

The skirt I just pair it with regular tank tops or tube tops it all depends, and I try to get matchy shoes and bags for example today I wore it with a yellow tank top and yellow flops (this I wont advise you to do, it is just because my toes are badly hurt from the heels I wore tuesday) and my huge rose patterned bag :) i will post a post with it later on.. so wear whatever shoes you want just make sure it goes with the skirt!

Now for the dress.. I would definitively  add pink heels and a pink belt! all the same color as that wierd thing up at the "sleeve".

The leopard leggings are the most special item on this "list" since I have been adoring them for over an year and only now have I got the guts to buy them.. so here they are... I dont have much to wear them with I have ideas but I have worn them so far with a black shirt, i would wear them with a jeansy shirt if only I had one :O and as for shoes flops (ahah you saw that coming) or boots for winter, converse, and for example

they do not need to be so high.. obv.. I just needed to get the point across.. these ones are by h&m so well now you know where to get them if ud like.

As seen I like to keep things simple and work on the person rather than the overall outfit I like casual! I believe some eye make up and good hair can do wonders!

Para quem queira ler isto em portugues, eu estou a ver se ponho algo para traduzir de forma a que nao seja necessario estar sempre a escrever em portugues porque e mais dificil, o raciocinio nao vem tao rapido. De qualquer forma se nao perceberem algo podem me dizer e eu faco questao de responder o mais rapido possivel :)

this is all for today! hope tomorrow there will be more and I shall post my wishlist and designer list which will probably be just a shop list :S

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