quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2011


I am finally almost over with holidays!! Cannot wait till I can just go back to my everyday routine... Today I am baking brownies (who seem to want nothing to do with me..) for my friends bday dinner tomorrow evening.. I really hope they end up well...

Changing the topic to how my holidays have been going.. well .. .they have been just fine going out and partying .. going to the beach (A LOT!) here is a pic of me in manta rota at the manta beach club or something..... which was supposed to be a place where famous people go.. but I cant seem to have seen anyone.. trust me I was looking!!!

well obv i dont look perfect and I was lobster red for I really take my dearest fair skin to the limit.. bad for your health so please dont be as stupid as me.. then again I use factor 50...

so that was me at manta beach and here you have the link to it on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MantaBeach

well this is all for now.. the brownies are finally out and I need some sleep!!

To everyone who reads this.. Good night!

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