quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011


Good afternoon everyone!

It has been long since I've written here.. Today's post is about MANGO! I have recently uploaded my photo in
http://www.facebook.com/mango.com?sk=app_298825826798420 as I applied on Mostra o teu look (Portugal) aka Show your look as for who does not understand portuguese.

The description of my dress is LPD which stands for Little Pink Dress.. although it only has some pink stripes I decided by that name because well... it sounds nice :D and there is pink in the dress so Im not too far...

this is the my picture in the contest:

however i think maybe i prefer this one

here is the dress (which I bought online on http://shop.mango.com/PT/mango/clothing the day i tried the dress..)\

soooo... do you like it? im not quite sure whether the belt looks good or not.. I might not have shoes on but I was in a sort of a hurry and anyone who reads this blog know how my relationship with shoes is.. well... chaotic lets just call it that.. anyhow they did not have my shoe size anywhere in the shop.. so I didnt really have a choice..

For those of you who do not seem to know MANGO you might want to know that not only do they have great looking clothes which are ever so fashionable they also have really high quality and their prices are not very high... if it matters to you Kate Moss wears MANGO as there was a pic in a magazine in a total MANGO look and also she does advertisements :D.. and even if she does not wear  MANGO which probably anyone who is someone in this world or at least wants to be someone wears.. she would not give her face for something if it wouldnt be of her interest.. its Kate Moss we are talking about so she porbably can say no to a lot of people...

Ok I have probably bored all of you already so I am going to go study (YAY) and I hope at least you go and have a look at the MANGO website :)


sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011


I havent written for so loooooooooooong i dont even know where to start.. so after I came back to Portugal uni started and it was my b-day.. my b-day usually runs for a week since I almost always have 3 parties, one for friends other for my moms family and yet other for my dads family...
this year I was surprised since my mom gave me a surprise bday party which could have gone better if it wouldnt be for my granie.... anyways! i got to decorate the cake! and here is the result!

and yes.. i did take both pictures and the one bellow totally rocks!

as for how I was dressed I prefer my first bday dress which you can only partly see bellow:

the woman above is my granie :DD and supposelly there should be a ponytail to my right! anyways its a white lace dress
for my other party i was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to casual since it was a surprise and I was just back from my trip with my boyfriend...

the lady is my mom :)

and so it all went peacefully (kinda) i had lots of fun, specially when kinda everyone left and we went to my room to play stuff like uno ( Im 21 but who cares?)

soon I will post pictures of my room which I designed and decorated all by myself :) o happiness!!!

keep pink!!! and do not forget to love yourself for who you are! who gives a damn about what other people?? ( if you do you will not end up pretty.. inside or out!!)