segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011


Hey everyone! So lately I have found fashionlista :) and I am so addicted to it!!! well here goes some of the stuff I love <3 that may not be in the list OOO and my fav bag in the world

this is the bag that to me beats any louis vuitton

I just found this really cute!

Anyways! What I will be needing for this a/w will be:

Red pants

A blazer preferably pink

Torn jeans

Leather pants

A  winter coat.. preferably pink or red or something ..
the one above is pink..

Pastel pumps


and for now this will be all... I am hoping to achieve all this items by november!


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  1. Love the pink blazer.

    I follow you:) if you like my blog follow me too...