terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Back in town

Hello my dear readers!!

I have just been home (the polish one) for the last three weeks :) however I didnt have my pc with my passwords and stuff so I wasnt able to post anything! so Im sorry for that!

My holidays were good I did a lot of shopping and I got to get in contact with my polish self and relax from everyday life :) also I got to almost get over my fear of flying as I had to come back home (to the portuguese one) by myself, I did not take lots of pictures but I discover that there really is a time for everything and that a lot of people dont chance like from black to white!

Tomorrow will be my b-day n Ill get to wear my new lace dress and I will post pictures of it I felt so in love with it!!! I am hoping to spend my bday doing all the things I like including being pampred of course (eheh) and so on! I am also going for a small shopping spree and today I bought a Chanel nail polish which is called Rose Insolent and goes by the number 498!

I will soon post some pictures of my trip plus the dress :D

keep pink! xoxo

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