sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011


I havent written for so loooooooooooong i dont even know where to start.. so after I came back to Portugal uni started and it was my b-day.. my b-day usually runs for a week since I almost always have 3 parties, one for friends other for my moms family and yet other for my dads family...
this year I was surprised since my mom gave me a surprise bday party which could have gone better if it wouldnt be for my granie.... anyways! i got to decorate the cake! and here is the result!

and yes.. i did take both pictures and the one bellow totally rocks!

as for how I was dressed I prefer my first bday dress which you can only partly see bellow:

the woman above is my granie :DD and supposelly there should be a ponytail to my right! anyways its a white lace dress
for my other party i was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to casual since it was a surprise and I was just back from my trip with my boyfriend...

the lady is my mom :)

and so it all went peacefully (kinda) i had lots of fun, specially when kinda everyone left and we went to my room to play stuff like uno ( Im 21 but who cares?)

soon I will post pictures of my room which I designed and decorated all by myself :) o happiness!!!

keep pink!!! and do not forget to love yourself for who you are! who gives a damn about what other people?? ( if you do you will not end up pretty.. inside or out!!)

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